Sunday, September 4, 2016


HEINZ HOPF "Dedicated To Yvonne Schaloske" c20
Erik Nystrand of Capers/Team Boro Tapes joins up with this duo of distinguished noise enthusiasts, assembling the primitiv harsh noise sources into more refined studio structures. Originally self-released by the band in an addition of 10 copies. My favorite work from these guys to date.

Exhumation of ghoulish Canadian overseer TASKMASTER - Cold, hard, mummified post-mortem harsh noise. WINCE answers TM's call from the grave with swampy, radioactive harsh noise necrosis.

Total RAT worship. “I know the RATs will do the right job in the end, but I have to feed them the right cheese.” Rusty machete barbarism channeled through Plug-and-Play distortion stasis. The first new release in nearly 5 years from this American noise hero, and follow up to the classic 1-sided LP on Troniks with the exact same name.

Nice long fuckin’ tape of Savage mega-saturated harsh noise from Brad Griggs and Stefan Aune (Breaking The Will, New Forces label), two of the current midwestern masters. Always blasting forward, getting louder and louder, giving the pervert in front of the speakers a good taste of every classic HN element he could hope for.

MACRONYMPHA "Purulent Recollections" c60
Two brand new long-form tracks from THE essential American Harsh Noise horde. 
A continuous blast of industrial filth and rotting flesh that flows forth like pressurized viscous matter being expressed through a small hole. Classic Macro dense mass that keeps coming and coming... All noise by Roemer/LS.

Rough industrial harsh noise from Gothenburg. 
Quack Quack is Dan Johansson of Sewer Election and Hugo Randulv from Enhet För Fri Musik. Nauseating feedback, blurred out speech, and gut scraping physical loops simulate that flip of the switch when the liquor suddenly hits you too hard and you realize life is a miserable chore. 
Milos Olympus is new blood, a couple that run the Forever United label together. Raw harsh noise executed with a great sense of timing, and structured in a powerful yet simplistic way. Heavy crunch and crumble tape noise punctuated with synthetic tones that are simultaneously ethereal and raw.
All tapes dubbed in real time to Type II cassettes. 
Audio samples can be heard HERE
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